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Demetria Bivens is a business development consultant, specializing in corporate partnership, business strategy, and contract management. The strategic communications, led by Ms. Bivens, pioneered initiatives to connect contractors to major corporate entities. Increasing readiness to access contracts and resources has continued to be the primary mission for Demetria as she collaborates with national stakeholders. With over 20 years of experience, Demetria strives to educate and develop contractors to successfully perform in the construction industry. dlb implements and maintains business opportunities for clients while creating long-term strategies and relationships that result in economic growth.  view more...

dlb Consultants (dlb) is a certified DBE/SBE/MBE/WBE and HUB Texas-based company headquartered in the DFW Metroplex since 2014. dlb provides Business Development Consulting (professional services, goods and services, architectural and engineering and construction industries), Safety Consultant, General Laborers, M/WBE Coordination and Compliance, Public Engagement services and an Authorized OSHA Trainer.


It is dlb’s overall objective to align clients with the changing market dynamics and develop a high-quality strategic marketing plan for business growth. In an effort to capture those under-developed areas most businesses lack, dlb assists them in market research, enhanced public image and increased market exposure.

Demetria Bivens
Founder and Principal